Incapability of accommodating

03 Aug

When the carrier determines your child's incapability for self-support, it sends the approval notice to you and advises you to provide a copy to your Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) or Human Resources (HR) representative.A copy of the notice must be filed with your health benefits enrollment documentation in your e OPF.In addition, the certificate must include the following information: Back to top Your documentation may be faxed to the ABC-C at (785) 239-6228.A link (20) is moved to a perpendicular (upper) direction based on a driving force F and a pin (22) provided on a link (16A) is moved along a guide groove (23) to a position shown in FIG. Since the link (16A) is pivotally connected to a supporting unit (15) by a pin (14), the pin (22) can be moved...

The ABC-C will take both your child's earnings and the condition or prognosis into consideration when determining whether he/she is incapable of self-support.

For FEHB Only: If your child's condition is on the list of medical conditions, and he/she had the condition before reaching age 26, you do not need to seek ABC-C approval of continued coverage after your child reaches age 26.

The carrier of your health benefits plan may also approve continued coverage.

for the ABC-C to make a determination of incapacity of self-support.

The certificate must state that your child is incapable of self-support because of a physical or mental disability that existed before he/she became age 22 (26 for FEHB) and that can be expected to continue for more than one year.