How to not be intimidating to others

03 Sep

Ask nonthreatening questions such as, ”Is that OK"? Sitting side by side with someone is less intimidating than if you remain seated behind your desk, especially if you hold a position of authority.

Keep in mind that body language is a major part of any communication. What you intend to be enthusiasm could be perceived as aggression.

Use a soft, gentle voice with inflection that goes up at the end of your sentence so you'll sound less demanding. Be aware of relative height positions during conversations.

Speak slowly and pause during the conversation to seek feedback. You'll be perceived as more intimidating if you're standing while others are sitting.

Show that you can really listen and keep an open mind to alternate points of view. Let people know you'll be OK with a negative response from them before you make a request.

For example, introduce your request with a phrase such as, "I'll understand completely if you're unable to help ..." And mean it. Pay attention to your tone and volume when you address someone. If you always act with integrity, you'll increase trust.

When this person is involved in a conversation, they want it to be intellectual, and it is really hard to accommodate their standards.

In general, people with strong personality are well educated and well informed.

Privately, we often don’t know how tough we are until we are forced to face a difficult situation, and only then we see our real strength.

Strong personality is a good thing and all of us should have it, but sometimes that can cause fear in others.

The intimidation might be created by something you don't consciously control, such as excessive height that makes you tower over others, or your leadership position, but it is usually the result of how you communicate.

If you want to cease intimidating those around you, you'll have to adopt new ways of communicating. When people feel intimidated they usually become resentful and lose respect for the intimidator. Examine your interactions and ask yourself if you have a subconscious desire to manipulate others.