Hook up adult game

22 Apr

, I do think that Spielberg may be being a bit harsh in entirely dismissing his movie.

Thus, my six-year old daughter and my 11-year old son feasted their eyes on the film. As it turns out, he turns into an early '90s corporate suit, glued to an oversized mobile phone and not engaging with his children. But just in case you don't, a good 20 minutes is spent establishing why Peter Banning (played by Robin Williams) is such a terrible '90s dad. But then we get Dame Maggie Smith, with her performance leading me to wonder if she was always this age.

), save for one or two brutal moments that feel more out of character than defining parts of how he's supposed to be.

When he kills Dante Basco's Rufio, there's a sense of "where did that come from?

Even if there's still, even now, a sense of "was that it? But then, ironic given that his name is in the title, and that the running time is so elongated, there's barely any room for Captain Hook in the movie.

Instead, the script focuses more on Peter Pan's family problems, Tinkerbell, and the Lost Boys. We weren't even in the era where every secret was given away in the trailer months ahead here, and the word "spoiler" was rarely used around movies. Peter doesn't find his happy thought until over halfway through the movie - over 70 minutes in!