History text selection and updating

12 Aug

See Tagging stories with labels for more about labels.To move selected stories to another project, click the Move button in the Bulk Actions menu, then choose the destination project from the drop-down menu.You can also deselect stories if you only intended to delete a smaller portion of the selected group.Note: It’s not possible for you to recover a story or epic that has been deleted.See Moving stories or epics between projects for more, including things to consider before doing so.To clone selected stories, click the Clone button in the Bulk Actions menu.

To deselect stories, there are two options: Once you’ve selected a group of stories, you can use the Bulk Actions menu that replaces the top navigation menu.You’ll see a dialog that will allow you to replace the requester or owner(s).Scroll through the list of active project members or begin typing a name in the search field.If you replace the owner(s), up to three owners may be chosen.To export selected stories to CSV, click the CSV button in the Bulk Actions menu.