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06 Sep

It’s similar to (and some think derived from) the common Hebrew phrase kol beseder: everything’s okay.Leviathan – This English word meaning a great sea creature is directly taken from the Hebrew word for whale: leviaton.A famous Jewish Midrash (story) explains that when God created humans, the Seraphim cried out: “We love and worship you perfectly!

Beezelbub – It’s not only a scary character from horror movies.Abracadabra – Acknowledging that God is the sole Creator of the world is a central value in Judaism.Thus, it’s forbidden to declare that we, ourselves, are responsible for creation.To those who didn’t understand Hebrew, it’s likely that Baruch Ha-ba sounded like a noisy confusion of sound – a term that was extended to any such uproarious speech. Maven – This Yiddish word has passed over into common English usage.