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15 Aug

The true facts are known only to those who can perceive the pure evil of the Clintons, the deep state, and the rest of the establishment media. It’s time for Hannity and his allies to stand down, permanently, and relegate this story to the place where it belongs — right next to UFO documentaries, flat-earth videos, and “proof” that NASA faked the moon landing.Every time Hannity and his allies hyped this story, they disrespected their conservative audience, they hurt a grieving family, and they violated their own professional obligations to carefully check facts rather than engage in wild speculation. But again, this is hardly the first time that Hannity has disrespected his conservative audience by failing to carefully check facts and engaging in wild speculation, thresholds that never used to trigger criticism of right-wing commentators in The more important factor is the realization that right-wing infotainment’s flaws matter.Not only is it a toxic workplace where the harassment of women is rampant; it is also a no-fact zone. Others on the right just started taking aim at right-wing misinformation as never before, perhaps having seen that it can have consequences, like a man with a gun demanding to search the non-existent basement of a much harassed Washington, D. pizzeria that was falsely accused of running a pedophilia ring for Democratic Party bigwigs out of its basement; or the elevation of a corrupt, serial liar to the presidency of the United States. In a recent article on cable news pundits, James Poulos traced their rise alongside the 24-hour-news-cycle, where “reporters could be trusted to supply the raw data, but only the daily pundits could slap on a filter and supply ever more sorely needed context.”But now, he argued, the Internet is “flooded with takes of varying temperatures,” and it is less and less necessary to have a Keith Olbermann, Glenn Beck, or Bill O'Reilly “to tell us What It All Means every night at 8.” True, O’Reilly would still be drawing millions of nightly viewers but for the sexual harassment allegations against him.The Pulitzer Prize-winning website Politi Fact found that nearly 60 percent of the statements it checked on Fox News were either mostly or entirely false. Only Fox News viewers are likely to believe that climate change is a hoax, that there is a “war on Christmas,” that Obamacare would create “death panels,” that there is an epidemic of crime committed by immigrants (they actually have a lower crime rate than native-born Americans), that President Barack Obama forged his birth certificate and wiretapped Trump with the aid of Britain’s signals intelligence agency, and that the accusations bedeviling Trump are a product of “Russophobia.” FNC might as well stand for Fake News Channel, and its myths have had a pernicious, indeed debilitating, effect on U. However, many of those viewers would be uncomfortable using a computer.

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We had long chafed under what we viewed as the stifling liberal orthodoxy propagated by the major broadcast and print outlets.While not exactly “fair and balanced” — Ailes always meant the channel’s slogan to be taken with a wink and a nod — Fox was supposed to provide some ideological balance within the larger media universe.That was a laudable ambition, but what Fox has become is far from laudable.Insofar as they did so with dishonest rhetoric, it would only benefit more sober politicians and intellectuals.If that self-serving story was ever plausible—I long argued that misleading the base about the truth would have terrible costs—it should not have survived the Bush administration, when the GOP limped from crisis to crisis, utterly failing to govern effectively.