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15 Oct

Her name wasn’t even on the receipt) Reply I am being harassed by a pharmacist at the Linton Blvd store in Delray Beach, FL.

I am 69 years old dealing with severe spinal problems and see a pain management doctor. to fill my pain medication 2 days before the old prescription runs out which I try to do.

I have never even tried filling it before that time.

A particular pharmacist at the Linton Blvd store in Delray Beach, FL is harassing me and refusing to fill my prescriptions on time.

retired in the early 1950s and his son, Cork, took over the company. In recent years, the company has gone through CEOs in rapid succession with 4 different CEOs since 2006: The chain currently operates over 8300 locations in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. i am frustrated as hell and because the manager already said put it up as the same price… His reply was “Because Im trying to help you.” So I say to him, “So you need to be nasty to me because you’re trying to help me”?

Walgreens is completely unethical and should you decide to shop at this place know that you are not dealing with the best. Walgreen store locations nation wide are below average. Since I have been there that place changed management after management and Pharmacy Staff and Manager Pharmacy. Don’t they forget we are the reasons that Walgreens are in business? .my husband had to make a 2nd trip after a long day of work. They have to be more tentative, caring, listen to the customers. After getting my meds, I pull into a stall to call and talk to the store manager to get the gentlemans first name and the phone numner to the corporate office.

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I said sure why not and when finished said everything checks out except .91 cents that I owed.

Reply I live in Lafayette Louisiana and is an LPN for a local physician office.

The Walgreen there located on 920 west Gloria switch, 337-896-0128, pharmacy department is one of the most unprofessional group of individuals I have seen. We call in ex, the patient calls to see if it is ready, their answer , they didn’t get it.

Walgreens store in particular located in Long Island City -3355 Crescent St #67, Long Island City, NY- is among the worst! The last staffs was wonderful and very friendly towards customers! I spoke to the technician in person what medications I needed; 1 was ready but the 2 wasn’t when he told me that 3 of them will be. I spoke to an assistant manager named Brittany, who did nothing but talk over me and make excuses for the gentlemans behavior and refuse to give me just his first name.

I’ve seen customers treated poorly at this store location. I am BEYOND furious, but most of all my feelings are very hurt.