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20 Jul

Divorce is illegal here, so think of the love hut as the sexual Sorting Hat. In the Middle Ages, the church dictated that the missionary position was the only proper way to have sex. Some tribes in the Himalayas practice polyandry, where brothers all share one sex partner.

Coitus a tergo (you know, doing it from behind) was, of course, listed as the most shameful. The Aweikoma of Brazil play it real simple and use the same word for eating and sex, since both involve taking something into your body. It's done so that their farm land doesn't become overpopulated with children. In the Marquesas Islands, it was considered just fine to witness your parents doing the deed.

Adults keep their underwear on during all sexual encounters and people consider intercourse to be hard on their health. Mangaia, a tiny island in the South Pacific, is home to some of the earliest and most advanced sexual education. In the Mehinaku village in Brazil, men compete for sex with women by giving them gifts of fish. The Kreung tribe in Cambodia built love huts for their girls when they reached their mid-teens.

Starting at 13, boys have sex with older women who teach them restraint and how to last longer to please a woman. Different boys spend a night in the hut with the young girls until she finally finds a match.

They often restrict the term "Christian" to refer to themselves and similar faith groups.

Others might use the term "evangelical Christian." They may use the term "non-Christian" to refer to mainline and liberal Christian groups as well as Muslims, Hindus, followers of Aboriginal and Neo-Pagan religions etc.

Look through the profiles of Gay singles here at Thick Love that are tagged with Pagan.

Dating others who have similar interests is a great way to find things to do on a first date.

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