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15 Aug

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https://com/uk/407595-muslim-...ives-polygamy/ This creep is the same guy that I posted about who was in the audience on the Politics Show several months ago who wants Muslim men only, not women, to have the right to several spouses. The fact women in this country get less money than a man for doing the same job is disgusting.

He is using his so-called religious beliefs to try to interfere with and challenge our own laws on female equality in this country as well as his own creepy desires to control and abuse as many women as he can. Women are being abused all over the world and its justified by religion. The fact women in this country get less money than a man for doing the same job is disgusting.

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How on Earth do you think you can speak for every person in the world and tell them their relationships are unnatural?

lol Some people can't do monogamy others can't do anything else I think this gets very complicated.

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