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23 Sep

By the end of July, my list consisted of a supposedly separated television director, a couple of ex-boyfriend hopefuls, a married guy, and my safety, a news producer named Charlie Stuart.

Charlie and I had hated each other at first sight when we’d met at a party months earlier.

“So,” he said to me as the croissants arrived, “Do this kind of thing often?

Like her brother, she suffers from agoraphobia and, as such, rarely leaves the Vault. House took control of the Vault and made known his plans to evict the residents and seal it with concrete, Sarah and her brother convinced him to spare the upper level. House's acceptance, Sarah won the ability to remain in her home, now converted into a hotel and gift shop with her as the proprietor.

First of all – and I apologize for the depth of my shallowness – I was (at least) ten pounds overweight.

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Anyone you knew could be on the list – even your best friend’s boyfriend – because you didn’t have to actually sleep with any of the guys; you just had to want to.

The list was about loosening up and keeping hope alive.

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Editor's Note: Sarah Payne Stuart grew up in Concord MA, under the influence of the writings of Louisa May Alcott.