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31 Aug

For starters, the composition of the remedy is not given. ("There is a remarkable phenotypic difference in Type 2 Diabetes.Second, the authors mention at least three previous studies but do not cite references. The connective importance of the genetic and environment causes of type 2 diabetes varies between people.") These people claim, in their ad, to make pancreatic islands regrow, but there are no tissue studies in the article.This site aims to let the public know what empirical evidence is available for various alternative remedies, especially studies published in refereed journals.This will enable people who must make decisions to rely on more than anecdotes and advertising.(If the fundamental idea is correct, benign cells would be unstained.) I'm ready to draw the obvious conclusion.

A few months later, a sheaf of "Bible Prophecy" stuff "that proved the truth of the Christian religion" was mailed to our PO boxes from "The Phantom".

There is presently an online promotion of a "secret" natural remedy for both type I and type II diabetes.

You'll have to find the site yourself, but the claims are obviously bogus.

My Jewish friends especially did not appreciate this.

"Bible Prophecy" still appears on the "beta mannan for cervical dysplasia" site. In September 2003, a correspondent shared with me the court decision in a lawsuit against Dr.