Flanders dating video

10 Sep

(with the pain of loss, the pain of his childhood, and the pain of withstanding numerous forms of anguish and torment.Flanders turns the image of God from the table beside his bed... although he finds himself rushing to church and asking for forgiveness in the morning.This adds a great deal of hope for Flanders and gives him a purpose for survival.God works in mysterious ways, and this episode portrays this to a powerful end...Flanders questions God and why he's the one who's being punished...he can't accept this as he's the most loving and caring man and yet he is the one who suffers most of all...

He goes home to a lonely bed and holds air where his wife used to be.Flanders notices she needs help with her baggage and equipment and helps her load her traveling truck...and he ends up telling her that he'll be at church in Springfield if she ever decides to come back and visit. It first aired on the Fox network in the United States on January 10, 1999.In the episode, Ned Flanders, who is revealed to be 60 years old, feels that he has not lived his life to the fullest.