Feminine guys dating sites

18 Sep

Yes, you read that right: the less responsive guys were (i.e.

the bigger of an asshat they were), the more attractive women found them.

While some might fear that this will make them seem “crazy,” — I hate when people call me that for being honest about my feelings — men actually find it more attractive.

Bottom line, confidence is the sexiest trait you can find in any partner, man or woman, so be as casual as you want, but be confident in yourself, your desires, and your feelings for the people you meet.

Women I know, myself included, are often turned off by men that we see as effeminate, and unfortunately, because I think a lot of women see men who show their emotions right off the bat (responsive men) as feminine, we are less attracted to them.

You could argue that this is simply basic human instinct; women search for strong, masculine men because they are likely to gather the most food and protect the group or family the best, ensuring the female and her offspring’s survival.

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Acting casual is different than being non-responsive.

And ladies, don’t ever stop being honest about your feelings.

However, it is also common knowledge that a lot of people go through a stage in their life where they keep finding themselves attracted to assholes (note that I use this term equally for men and women). Well, thanks to studies conducted by social psychologists from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, the University of Rochester, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, we finally have some insight as to why the heck this is such a common problem, especially for straight women.

First, let me specify what exactly I mean when I say “asshole” in the context of this study.