Dooce and cami dating

02 May

Today, he wrote that he will not publish any comments that discuss Heather and if anyone writes about her he will delete those comments because she “deserves” that.

Medication helps, but mentally ill people are still challenging to have relationships with.

I don’t say “us” because I’m not sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for her to have a breakdown like the rest of them.

And when she got out, he didn’t divorce her and take their kid.

Unless she’s really been holding back on us, Jon is a great guy.I don’t think Jon and Heather are getting back together.It wasn’t so long ago she was writing love letters to him on their anniversary for all of us to read.When Heather got attacked for blogging about her “life changing” trip to Bangladesh, Jon wrote passionately and eloquently to defend her.He is totally not in the petty backstabbing phase yet.