Deluxe reverb dating

02 Oct

The Deville's preamp, reverb, effects loop, and phase inverter are all the same as the Deluxe's.

So any Deluxe mods done to any of these parts can also be done to the Deville.

Solid state components got their bad rap from how they distort when used for amplification.

The JFETs used by the More Drive do not amplify, and are nothing more than a switch.

Many vintage amplifiers have tube rectifiers, but they're generally considered unreliable.

There are many classic Fender amps which have a SS rectifier, the blackface Twin Reverb being one.

On first glance even the poweramp has a truly uncanny resemblence, though it's actually slightly different.

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Finally, as you've probably guessed, the Deville has more speakers that together can handle 60 watts.The reverb driver and recovery are also solid state, but use a real spring reverb pan like those found in Fender's more expensive amps. Both the reverb and effects loop use the same type of high quality op amps.The signal path itself (preamp/poweramp) A lot of people have heard that the More Drive is solid state, or that it uses solid state components.So despite what some people assume, the More Drive all tube.A JFET "Shunt Switch" is used because it's switch element is extremely quiet and produces no modulation or any other unwanted effects.