Ddating 1251 txt 1251

11 Jun

See the Codecs example for an application of QText Codec to file I/O.Some care must be taken when trying to convert the data in chunks, for example, when receiving it over a network.The pure virtual functions describe the encoder to the system and the coder is used as required in the different text file formats supported by QText Stream, and under X11, for the locale-specific character input and output.

state can be 0, in which case the conversion is stateless and default conversion rules should be used.The caller is responsible for deleting the returned object. Creates a QText Encoder with a specified flags to encode chunks of Unicode data as data.The caller is responsible for deleting the returned object. Subclasses of QText Codec must reimplement this function.In such cases it is possible that a multi-byte character will be split over two chunks.At best this might result in the loss of a character and at worst cause the entire conversion to fail.