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06 Dec

There were a few comments about mismatched items – either in terms of colour/pattern/fabric or the styles ie: walking trousers and a smart shirt.No one thought guys over 40 should stop wearing jeans, as long as they’re dark, smart, fit well and are not too faded, ripped, skinny, or showing pants!He has taught economic development at the Pardee RAND Graduate School of Public Policy, and he holds a Ph. So, she’s agreed to go out with you on a date and you’re well-groomed, dashingly well-dressed and generally ready to sweep her off her feet. I write a blog about my search for style as an older man so have more a passing interest in how we present ourselves to the world – and the picture, by some accounts, isn’t always good. I was anxious and excited at the same time but there seemed to be a rather depressing recurring theme online.

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One of the other things that cropped up was the importance of accessories, helping to make an outfit look groomed and smart and also contributing to a more modern, youthful look when chosen carefully.Most preferred clean-shaven, but some were happy with a beard as long as it was not too long or scruffy.All said regular haircuts were a must – even if there’s not much left, it needs to be neat round the edges.This is not cutting edge fashion; it’s just a smart, simple, casual and classic look that should be easy to achieve by shopping on our high streets.Do men reach a certain age and give up on looking after themselves?