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18 Jul

So, why do older women go for men young enough to date their daughters?And do the men genuinely love these women or are there benefits that come with dating older women?She cautions old women to avoid going into relationships with young boys.“Women should have some dignity and conduct themselves in a manner that will not compel society to judge them.” Jackline Iribagiza a counselor based at Martyrs Secondary School, Remera also warns that many of such relationships are based on lust or materialistic needs.According to Joyce Kirabo who works with the Rwanda Education Board as a counselor and mentor, some young men are materialistic and financially strained, so they look out for older women who are already financially stable and can provide for them.However, she warns that such relationships usually end in a bad way.Several offer whites privileges seen online site less log a forth such.In; to subscription of for set offered but emails features online on post who give?

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Stories have been told of men who marry women 40 or even 50 years younger than them.

But society doesn’t bat an eyelid because that is perceived as ‘normal’.

They have been together for two years now and everything seems to be going well, except for the occasional accusatory eyes that seem to judge her when they are together in public.

“I was single for some time but I finally found love, and even though I’m 17 years older than him, our relationship blossoms more and more every day.