Dating too much time together

08 Apr

You had your own set of hobbies, your own favorite food and things to do, your own TV shows you followed, your own dreams and aspirations. Remember a time when you were really happy because of your own achievements and your own hard work. Or a time when you didn’t let anybody else help you nor get in your way of achieving something that you really want?

Sure, you needed to compromise because you committed to a relationship that must work for two individuals. Being an individual is important because you are not who your partner is. Ask yourself, why did my partner fall in love with me? And you still need to be even when in a relationship. [Read: 9 important habits you need to be more independent] #2 The yin and the yang.

My question is this: even though she is the one that wants to spend the night together most of the nights and seems to want to be with me, why would she randomly start caring what her mom thinks?

Is she using her mom as an excuse because she is losing interest? I am starting to believe that anything she says is hard to believe now. just broke up with my gf over similar issues, amongst other things.

Allow her time alone so that she can make friends again and spread her wings.

I know you are frustrated that she is less mature, but she is barely an adult.

Whether you like to admit it or not, there should still be a “me” time for you and a “me” time for your partner. Do you realize these individualistic thoughts cannot be shared with anyone but you?

Here are some reasons why spending all your time together can be detrimental to the relationship.

My gf's mom called her and told her we shouldn't be living together until marriage (which is funny because both of her parents lived together before marriage). I also find it somewhat strange that she has no friends besides you and her roommate. maybe just a few nights a week at most, and maybe stop hanging out so much.

I asked my girlfriend if she thought we spent too much time together, and if we sleep over too much. College is the prime time to meet people and expand your social network for your future career; it's not really healthy if you constitute all of her social life. Please note: The suggestions and advice offered on this web site are opinions only and are not to be used in the place of professional psychological counseling or medical advice.

if she's gonna talk to someone else ABOUT me rather than talking to me, then sorry i'm gonna put my foot down. in my case we had only been together a few months so that was just the end of it.

in your case you have a year so perhaps you'll have better luck, but in your shoes i would handle it the same way even if it meant the end of the relationship.