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26 Oct

Once an understanding of irrationality is embedded in the fabric of an organization, a behavioral economics approach can be applied to virtually every area of the business, from governance and employee relations to marketing and customer service.In 2008, a massive earthquake reduced the financial world to rubble.If users get a match, it's up to them to decide whether to meet in real life and there's an in-app 'venue discovery tool' to help them pick a romantic location.

Singles looking for love can anonymously swipe through other profiles and can connect if they 'like' each other – much like on Tinder.

Mr Smith told Mail Online: 'The next step for us is an exciting new area in dating of matching algorithms based on language analysis.'We're already developing a new feature, planned for release by the end of 2017, where we show a "compatibility score" between two users based on their language used, both at the pre-match stage (when you view another Twitter-connected user) and the post-match stage (when you're chatting to another user).

The company has also worked with Receptiviti on a 'Twitter Personality Test' that reveals insights into a user's personality from their tweets and even offers dating tips, such as: 'Get to the point quickly and don't waste their time.

'Because on a date in real life, looks matter, but what you say counts.'As well as your most recent tweets, the profile includes up to six pictures, and details such as a user's job, education and political views, common friends and interests.

Users can also write a fun fact that is up to 140 characters long.