Dating personals for sports fans

12 Oct

Love for Sports even helps its users locate out-of-town tailgates, or meet friends in a new locale that share their passion for sports.Love for Sports has strategically placed the official launch date just days before Superbowl LI, which is taking place on Sunday, Febuary 5 in Houston, Texas.Yet it's actually pretty annoying unless she's actually a Jets fan.YOUNG SINGLE GUY: I don't want a girl to pretend to like something just because I like it. OLD MARRIED GUY: This might just be sour grapes from a guy who was never in a band, but I always felt bad for the girls who'd hang out at some cheesy, barely talented guy's band practice.For more information, visit Based in Houston, Texas, Love for Sports was founded by William Griffin and Jeff Blevins in 2015.Both app owners are avid sports fans and realized that was not a dating app for this massive audience.YOUNG SINGLE GUY: So my friend brought his new girlfriend to our Super Bowl party. That's the guy version of meeting a girl's parents. But I've always considered girls and sports a potentially dangerous cocktail. I dated a girl for a bit that had a nasty (as in good, Josh) jump shot and it just made her sexier.

Our relationship is based on mutual disinterest, as it should be.

They brought Kimberley Scott on to the team to handle product testing and marketing, and have since expanded the Love for Sports team to Austin and Dallas.

The Sports Fan Association announces the launch of e Sports, a dating and social network for singles who love sports.

Were there any annoying girls at your Super Bowl party? OLD MARRIED GUY: I drank my weight in Trader Joe's lager. OLD MARRIED GUY: My wife watched the game, but she was only in it for the junk food. YOUNG SINGLE GUY: Dating girls with a truly genuine interest in sports is awesome.

YOUNG SINGLE GUY: I don't think there's anything hotter than a girl that plays sports.