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10 Jun

"Instead ask a more general question," Collamer suggests, such as: "Do you have any concerns about my capabilities and background that I can clarify?" Employers often worry that older workers won't feel comfortable reporting to someone younger — and let's face it, there's a good chance you will have a younger boss. Even people who have a lot of self-confidence feel vulnerable to some degree.That's because when you're being judged, every nuance counts.

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This is a genuine job-seeker query, but hold your horses.Sign up for the AARP Money Newsletter While you're keenly focused on putting your best foot forward and asking smart and sometimes tough questions of a potential employer, it's oh-so-easy to say something that could knock you out of the running.When an awkward question slips through your lips, even the smoothest of interviews can go south.Other than some Q&As that are held via Skype or a few in some far-flung cities, the vast majority of the interviews are on the Harvard Business School campus.In earlier years, they were held in small rooms in Dillon House, where the admissions staff makes its home.