Dating love in ru uganda

14 Feb

These, according to the website, are all the stereotypical reasons that come to mind when some people think of why older men love to date younger women.MEN NEED ATTENTION American psychologist Abraham Harold Maslow, famed for Maslow's hierarchy of needs, argued that some basic human needs are experienced to varying degrees.

Another reason older men love dating younger women, according to Maslow, is because such women give up freedom in exchange for security whenever they are together.

According to while men are attracted to youthfulness and beauty, women, on the other hand, are attracted to confidence and power.

In addition, that older men love dating younger women because they may be more sexually attractive, help them feel more youthful and the fact that younger women idolize older men as compared to older women.

Ruth Senyoni, a counselor at Bank of Uganda, says such odd occurrences are due to power since "it is always the older powerful men taking advantage of younger women because they have something to offer".

She observes that such arrangements are not limited to schools and underage girls.