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05 Jun

Bagratashen is a relatively large village in Armenia's Tavush province, on the Armenian-Georgian border, not far from Azerbaijan.

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Most of the people were obviously Turkmen, but there were Russians, Persians, Azeris, and Uzbeks, too. The government required ministry employees to pass tests demonstrating knowledge of professional subjects in Turkmen, and the government dismissed those employees who failed the examination.

According to tradition, the Yezidis originated in Syria, near Basra, and later migrated to the Sindjat region of Iraqi Kurdistan, where they adopted the Kurdish language.

It is said their religion was founded by Shaahid ibn Djarraah, the true son of Adam, and later restored by the caliph Yazid ibn Muawaiya.

Under Saddam Hussein, they were protected and treated fairly well.

Many of the Yezidis that live in the Caucasus region were driven there during waves of religious persecution in the 19th and early 20th centuries.