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17 Jan

* Updates the federal specifications for locks (para 7-4 ).

* Updates procedures for handcarrying of classified material (chap 8 ).

* Lists and describes the modern army recordkeeping system file numbers associated with this Regulation (app F, section II ).

* Updates information of Special Access Programs (app I ).

* Explains the requirements to access Department of the Army classified information by individuals or agencies outside the Executive Branch (para 6-8 ).

* Gives clearer information in regards to destruction, declassification, purging, and clearing (chap 3 ).* Outlines the procedures for challenges to classification (para 2-22 ).* Updates information regarding the Army Declassification Program (chap 3 ).* Rescinds DA Form 2134 (Security Violation(s) Report) (para 10-3 ).* Updates security controls on dissemination and marking of warning notices on intelligence information to include the latest version of Director of Central Intelligence Directive 1/7 (app D ).