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The country has evolved over time and space in terms of administrative structures and nature of governance. Land area distribution according to the type of natural resource] The birth of Cameroon The land of Cameroon is as old as the rest of the world, but Cameroon in terms of a geopolitical entity with its present territorial boundaries and government did not exist before the arrival of the Germans.

In the ancient times, Hanna, the Carthaginian navigator, saw Mount Cameroon and called it the “Chariot of the Gods”.

Cameroon has 204 ethnic groups among which are the Douala, Bakoko, Bassa in Littoral Province; Pygmies, Fang, Bulu, Beti, in Centre Province; Bamileke, Bamoun, Tikar, Bafut, Kom, Nsaw, Bali, Wdikum, in West and North West Province; Fulbe, Hausa, Baya, Mafa, Kapsiki, Guidar, Guiziga, Tupuri, Massa, Musgum, Kotoko, Mundang in the Adamawa, North and Extreme North Provinces.

The lowest population densities are in the East Province and the highest in the West, North West, Far North, and Centre Provinces.

On the human aspect, the country has a number of ethnic groups who are involved in different economic activities especially at the local level.RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATIONS AND PERSONNEL 8. To the south it borders Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and Congo; to the west Nigeria; to the east the Central African Republic and Chad; and to the north a narrow portion of Lake Chad (see Figure 1a). According to the World Factbook the July 2008 population estimate is 18 467 692 with a growth rate of 2.218%, while Njoya et al.(1999) expect the population to reach 20 500 000 in 2010.THE PASTURE RESOURCE Rangeland Economic aspects of rangeland Improved pastures 6.OPPORTUNITIES FOR IMPROVEMENT OF FODDER RESOURCES Establishment of legumes Fodder legumes Multipurpose trees Supplementation of crop residues and agro-industrial by-products with forage RECOMMENDATION 7. INTRODUCTION The Republic of Cameroon is in the extreme north-eastern end of the Gulf of Guinea, between longitudes 8° and 16° East and latitudes 1° and 13° North.