Dating hamilton playing cards

23 Jun

I never had one before, knew about them, but had not paid much attention to them, but it was clear to me that it was an old one.

He explained that there were 25 doors and that on December 1st the number 1 door was opened to reveal, in this case, biblical text; the next day door no.

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Completely pulled out it is about 51 cm wide and 20,5 cm high. Nr 61.050 Printed in Sweden” (According to info found on the internet: Erik Olsson & Co., Sundbyberg/Solna, Sweden A29 Pop-up advent calendar with on the front and the back Santa in a chimney with toys and a cat, inside many children and angels, a house with Santa climbing in the chimney. On the front cover is what could be a signature “S. Z.” and on the back cover are the printers information “COPYRIGHT 6105 IF COPENHAGEN CARLSEN VERLAG GMBH–HAMBURG MADE IN DENMARK”. Calendar is designed by a danish couple, Jørgen and Ely Ploufmann (called themselves E. Printers information is in the margin below left what could be a logo “m” plus a “9” and on the right “Printed in Germany”. She worked for about 25 publishing houses among others in Danmark, Belgium, France and USA.2 was opened, and so on, until on Christmas day it was door no. I though that was a delightful ritual for the children in preparation of Christmas Day.The Advent (from the Latin word Adventus meaning “coming”) is the period before Christmas, observed in many Western Christian churches.In this period Christians prepare for Christmas and the birth of Jesus.The liturgical year always begins on the Sunday that falls between November 27 and December 3, and ends on December 24.