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21 Jul

Low proficiency in English is not an excuse to avoid meeting women!

It helps, guys, not to sit and wait for five years until you improve your English while only dreaming about girls.

I just had to come up with conversational materials for dating that would be easy to pronounce and easy to remember.

I just had to know what to say, how to say it and in what sequence and rehearse them at home before I go in public.

As a seasoned romantic adventurer;-), you know the value of connection and trust in the dating. It is a perfect example that it is not the level of your proficiency in English but mostly the level of knowing the North American culture: showbiz, TV shows, sports, politics, and ability to use those topics during a conversation.

I came to the conclusion that I connect with a girl much faster if I comment on a popular TV show or recent Leafs or Raptors game rather than give her a speech in excellent English about the socio-economical prospect of Russia ;-). There were two Canadian girls, my former roommate a Russian guy and I. When my student and Britney talked, they just couldn’t find a common topic.

Although I calculated once that I only spent CAD during 3 years of non-stop dating.

[ See upcoming Book 4, Date Ideas For Immigrants: for answers how I did it without being a cheapster or gigolo] Same with English – naturally, the better you become the easier the whole process of dating will be for you.

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Being very scientifically minded, I started looking for the most effective way to bridge that gap.She asked him if he watches The Big Bang theory and he didn’t know what to answer because he only watched Russian TV shows all the time.Later on, I have noticed that people who are labeled “fobbish” are lacking knowledge about the country where they are living while having a huge baggage from their home country.[for the record it can be used in any other countries due to its versatile content nature] If you don’t educate yourself on that topic please don’t feel sorry for yourself if people see you as a second Borat and you had sex with local girls in quantities as scarce as hen’s teeth.😉 But I am realist and know many people who don’t want to spend time integrating into a new country. Just read books of my Attract With Accent series and you’ ll be like this fella but who know how to attract girls.