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09 Aug

It's a shame that a woman called Samantha Brick was probably too busy responding to an article she wrote this week to see it.In the article, she said that women hated her for her beauty.She might, in fact, have noticed, that what most people look for in their friends, and colleagues, and lovers, and partners, is warmth, and good humour, and openness, and kindness, and that what most of them don't look for is people who think the world is a giant beauty contest they've won. But there was a freak show in the press this week, and its star was a woman who doesn't seem to have learnt that the love that most people value, and the friendship, and affection, is often blind to an unusual body or face, but rarely blind to an ugly soul.I worried, when I saw the posters for The Undateables, that this programme would be a freak show. In sickness, health and networking There have been many shocking revelations in the Leveson Inquiry, but one this week shocked me more than most.And that they hated her so much that she had problems making friends.If she had seen The Undateables, she might have noticed that what Luke said he was looking for was someone who was "sweet" and "caring" and "kind", and that Lucy, who was clearly all of these, liked him because he was modest, and funny, and fun.But she didn't, she said, "socialise" with him "outside of work". And there were some of us thinking that weddings were about things like friendship, and love.

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The date, she told her parents later, was "all right", but she wasn't sure they had "that much in common".

It was from a woman called Lucy Panton who used to be the crime editor at the News of the World.

She told Lord Leveson that John Yates, the Scotland Yard assistant commissioner who resigned last summer, was one of "many" police officers who came to her wedding.

So when he met Lucy, a pretty receptionist who didn't seem too fazed to find herself suddenly called a "fucking whore", a big chunk of the country held its breath.

And when she was 40 minutes late for their second date, we were in pieces.