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25 Aug

Then I moved into export loads, then import loads and finally an IBM contract.

CHI was the largest independently owned fleet of 12m tilt trailers, but nowhere near 1000. We also used to carry milk powder back and forth from Europe thanks to some peculiarity with government subsidies.

Kirbs50I remember also a feature on CHI in Comical Motor, about their one-off baby artic (7.5T gross, perhaps? Then I moved into export loads, then import loads and finally an IBM contract.

There was also a small groupage fleet (4-5 mini artics) working out of North Weald airfield. I left in 1982 during (what I saw as) the IBM fiasco.

When driving a 111 or F89 meant you were truly the king of the road?

What ever happened to those drivers you spent hours with.. and recollect on those characters in the industry sadly no longer with us.

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When I was with them the office was next to the Betterware factory in North Street, Romford.I used to do the in-house magazine (typewriter and photocopier) and there are still some copies in the loft for those who have no life at all. I had a camera, so I became the company photographer (the A-class - see above, the first outing for the monoframe, the company brochure...)If you had anything to do with Chris Hudson's, you may remember Chas King, an absolute gentleman, sadly long gone I guess.Other names come to mind, Terry Poulson, who hired me, Chris himself, Chris' sons, his brother Russell, their wives/girlfriends/ex's who worked there; Terry O'Brien imported from Ford's along with his son Michael - and his girlfriend Julie.They did indeed go bust.[/u]I used to work at Chris Hudson International in the traffic office.When I joined (1975/6) I was responsible for making sure Ford Halewood had enough empty trailers and arranging units to drop and collect, shipping via Felixstowe-Europort Ro Ro.