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05 Oct

The product information label lists the Grandfather Clock model number and serial number.

The Grandfather Clock model number and serial number are essential for obtaining parts or service.

But under great-grandson Helmuth Junghans the work of reconstruction was begun.

Today, this clockmaking factory, largest in Germany, is owned by Diehl.

As described within these instructions, adjustments to the pendulum to achieve accurate time keeping is easily accomplished.

The three weights provide power to the hour strike (left weight), time (center weight), and chime melody (right weight).

Gebr Junghans Uhrenfabrik was established by Erhard Junghans with Franz Xaver in 1861 in the Black Forest, making parts for clocks.

The pendulum provides the ability to regulate and adjust the time keeping.

The strike and chime sounds are made by a series of hammers hitting various length rods.

Each rod makes a different sound when hit by a hammer.

By 1861, Erhard Junghans had set aside capital to start his own business producing accessories for clocks and subsequently complete clocks.

He enlisted his brother Xaver, a cabinetmaker then living in America, to acquire the assembly-line machinery for making clock parts.