Dating buzzz

07 Sep

When ever i see him,he avoids me completely, Until he starts staring at me again. I have 2 scorpio man in my life so far, the first one kind of like your situation and I am leo, you and me both fire sign, so I couldn't stand my 1st scorpio man needs so much space, drove me crazy, so I ended.However, before I ended it, he kept saying that he is really into me and cares about me. I don't know why some scorpio guys like to play mind game.if anyone knows, do share what you think on the flirting of scorpio please. Keeps giving me the cold shoulder & i know i havnt done anything wrong like seriously so HELP SCORPIO GUY IS MY BOSS... AS SOON AS I SEE THE LIGHT I WANT TO GET LOST AGAIN. Then everyday, he carries my school bag and sends me home.Thank you :) I too have been in a strange relationship with a scorpio man for a year. Til he asked me to be his Girlfriend after dumping the other girlfriend . FOR SEVERAL MONTHS HE PURSUED ME AND TRIED TO WIN MY AFFECTION. When we're together, he sings to me and plays the guitar SO WELL. Hes always jealous of my guy classmates (im quite popular in our campus). I FELT BETRAYED by him, and my CLOSE FRIENDS/ BEST FRIENDS. Maybe if they still kept quiet, i could have been making myself such a FOOL.The opposite of being a victim is not simply opting out of abuse; it is instead, to be abusive.Given the choice between being the out-of-control victim, or the in-control abuser, some of these people grow up to prefer the role of the abuser.

Neither of these questions have easy answers and even the strongest attempt to educate yourself as to why people might make these seemingly irrational choices will not lead to complete understanding. The first question, "Why do people abuse other people? As a consequence, abuse is the normal condition of life for these people.

Think of any dictator that springs to mind and you will have the personification of this type of individual (Saddam Hussain seems to fit well and comes to mind easily).

The character of Tony Soprano from HBO's television series, "The Sopranos" is also a good example of this type.

Because of this intense passion, the scorpio male is not likely to give his love/affection to just anyone.

Male scorpios are driven by passion and passion alone, in all aspects of life, most commonly love/relationships.