Dating advice signs hes lying tips for writing a good online dating profile tagline

25 Sep

I have even been told by some women that they rather have men lie to them, rather than be hurt by the truth.

Funny thing is, once the lie is discovered it’s not like they go thanking the man from trying to “protect her” from the pain.

Most men realize that simply saying all he wants is sex is not always the most effective approach to getting it.

It may work sometimes, but typically it will work against him. I know it’s not right, but can you women really be surprised when men take this route.

Their reaction is still never a good one so the logic doesn’t add up.

Some men would love to be more honest, but if you are going to flip out when he does, he figures what’s the point.

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If your woman can’t handle the truth, then understand “truth” is not the issue, but her inability to handle it is.I will address the women, because we all know that women lie too.It will be similar, but there are always some slight differences.With true maturity comes the understanding that honesty may not always get you the best immediate results, but it is what’s best in the long run.Maturity also helps you realize that lies just aren’t worth it.