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Today, significant value is being trapped in Taubman and we believe our Board nominees can help unlock that value for the benefit of all Taubman shareholders.Despite our sincere efforts to engage constructively with the Company, including through Mr.

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Percent loss represents Land and Buildings’ estimates of the percentage difference between the Company’s share of development cost and estimated market value.Sources: Company and Mall Peers publicly available information, including earnings releases and earnings supplementals filed on Form 8-K for each of the figures referenced during the respective year referenced; Land and Buildings’ analysis Under Bobby Taubman’s leadership, we believe the Company has focused on ego-gratifying developments over the past five years rather than focusing on low-hanging fruit and establishing a culture of excellence in order to produce best in class operating results.control over the Company in 1998 by approving the issuance of the “Killer B” preferred stock to the Taubman Family garnering them near absolute control for a mere ,400 given the super-majority voting requirement for nearly all material voting matters.Initial development yields disclosed by Taubman in earnings supplementals filed on Form 8-Ks.Governance score based on the universe of REITs covered by Green Street Advisors." data-reactid="119" References to mall peers in this letter is the peer group defined by Land and Buildings as Taubman’s high quality mall peers GGP, Inc. publicly traded regional mall companies (in addition to Taubman) that primarily own class A, high sales productivity, enclosed regional malls (collectively, “Mall Peers”).