Danica patrick dating

16 Jul

So when he sat down with some media last month and a reporter mentioned that he is known as much for being Patrick's boyfriend as for what he has done in the NASCAR Cup series, the Roush Fenway Racing driver paused and then calmly answered the question about how he hopes to change it."This year, we've [Roush Fenway Racing] made sure we're not bringing the same car to the track every week -- we're making sure we're bringing a better car to the track every week," Stenhouse said."We've got people in place that are looking for downforce and mechanical grip in our cars every week."Now that he has added Cup race winner to his résumé, maybe, just maybe, Stenhouse will get a few more people who recognize him for his driving prowess -- he did win two Xfinity Series titles in a transition to NASCAR from his roots as a successful USAC driver -- and not his dating prowess.

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She’s the winningest female racer in Indy Car racing and, in her more-recent NASCAR career, holds the record for the highest finish by a woman in Dayton 500 history. I was filled with adrenaline and determination, piss and vinegar.” Danica’s father T. was a snowmobile and motocross racer, and he encouraged his daughter to get into the sport. She dropped out of high school (although she did earn her GED) and moved to England at 16 to further her career in the league there.

That's how I've always approached my racing career.

I've been lucky enough to make history and be the first woman to do many things.

Stenhouse joked that Patrick and his team owner, Jack Roush, are about the same size and it was neat to see them waiting for him to drive into the winner's circle."She supports me through anything I need to do, whether it's spend more time at the shop, whether it's we need to fly somewhere a little bit later because I need to spend a little bit more time with the guys at the shop or want to go to dirt races or anything like that," Stenhouse said."She's been so supportive and knows how hard that I've worked, and to have her there was really awesome."That work has provided dividends, although Stenhouse is quick to caution that his team must build on this success.

It could be considered much like a relationship; each day is a new day and the cohesiveness of the unit needs to remain strong to survive."We're on some of them's radar screen," Stenhouse said about his competitors thinking Stenhouse can win each week. There's teams that don't look at us throughout practice yet, but they will.