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12 Jul

“That being said, when Chaz Bono is on I will not watch his/her segment. I was so looking forward to the new season of DWTS. Not because he is a Star, But for the reaction that most of us fans are feeling.

All these people who think it's a choice - if you don't like being the sex you're born, just go change to the sex you wanna be..no! As the old commercial used to say, 'It's not nice to mess with Mother Nature! What she/he has done is her/his decision to change God's plan for her. But what were they thinking when they chose this cast?

I grew up listening to my folks and their band perform most of these tunes including the first single, Baby It's You..................

It's beyond neat to say I have my mom singing harmonies and my dad playing guitar on this one, among many others on the album.' She went on: 'There is so much relevance when we look at today's life events and back to the turbulent times of the late '60s.

According to the gossip website, the Illinois native clocked the bouncer with 'a closed fist' after being told to leave for 'knocking over a table.'Most recently she has been working on a third studio album and released the single Baby It's You last month.

now THAT is disgusting,” cathieil said.“What he is doing requires a ton of courage and I wish him well on both the show and in life,” she added.“I am disappointed in all the judgment about a person none of you even know," dstaner wrote. Tell your kids his mother is Cher ( who is very famous). Clean up your own backyard.”Many posters were less concerned with Bono’s gender status than they were with the fact that he is not really a “star” in the first place.“The name of the program is Dancing With the Stars.

"Chaz is just trying to live his life as all of us are. Until you have walked in his shoes you have no right to judge.

' If God had meant for her to be a him, that's what she would have been born.”Jan Pizzolato shared that sentiment.“I cannot watch this season. It makes me sad to think that what was once valued as morals has so deteriorated as people have gotten so oblivious to what is right and wrong.”However, other fans came to Bono’s defense.“It didn't take long for ignorance and bigotry to rear its ugly head.

Calling Chaz Bono a 'he/she' or 'him/her' or 'freak of nature'. “Okay, he starred in his own documentary about his transition to male, but other than that what has he done with his life?