Conflict of interest attorneys dating

24 May

Even the most balanced and well-adjusted lawyer at some point eventually succumbs to the pressures of working in the legal field.Put an ordinary individual with unresolved issues and inadequate defenses in a hyper-competitive environment such as the law, and you have the formula for a psychological crisis.Often times winning – regardless of how it is done – is the name of the game.Lawyers, who want to be successful will often rely on subterfuge, conflict, and distortion to persuade others.Unless an attorney has made it to the elusive position of “rainmaker,” she or he can expect to spend well over 60 hours a week (not including weekends) being at the beck and call of the managing partners.As one attorney put it, “I lost control of my schedule while trying to maintain control of my life.”Another aspect of the law that can be a source of stress for some lawyers is the adversarial nature of the profession itself (6).

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I’ve known and worked with quite a number of lawyers over the years and while I’ve found many to be genuinely happy people, I’ve encountered just as many who are not.

While I wouldn’t say the legal profession is the sole source of all lawyers’ unhappiness, I do think the profession at times contributes, if not precipitates, mental health issues among those in the field.

Implicit bias is developed over the course of a lifetime through exposure to direct and indirect messages.

Studies show that implicit bias can affect how we all make important decisions in our lives.