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11 Sep

Find below the top 6 romantic places in Chengdu: Floraland stands on the suburbs of Wenjiang.

Travelers can enjoy coffee in the well-decorated coffee shops, appreciating the lifelike sculpted reliefs, taking photos of the water curtain wall, or walking in the elegant environment of the pedestrian area.I'm not racist though I have a preference for asian but I'm not super skinny or tiny & I tend to go from kind of yellow to quite tan at times.I do think I'm attractive but living in Chengdu has made me doubt it more than your friend" thing ~oh, and also, a LOT of 21y/o's think I'm the best thing ever but I prefer grown ups~ as for foreign guys, a lot just want to sleep around, "try out" tiny/short asian girls, or they simply go home after a few months).So basically I'm asking you guys if you think SZ is a decent place for dating as a foreign girl and what the environment is really like.