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09 May

This is one pale ale that’s criminally overlooked, Bernstein says.

It’s also one of the most dependably delicious beers on the market.

The “summer quencher with a ton of flavor” has a balance of bread and hops, forming an enticing aroma and taste.

“The sweet malt flavor gives a support to the hops, which are present but not overpowering, resulting in a clean, refreshing brew,” Larson says.

“Citra hops give this 5.75-percent lager a beautiful flavor of citrus, including lemon peel, grapefruit peel, and light notes of tangerine,” Clarke says.

The flavorful blend is a great introductory brew for new craft beer drinkers—it looks like well-known lagers but sets itself apart in taste.

Bernstein describes the brew as “balanced and beautiful"—and anything but boring.

We live in a time where top-notch beer—not that watered-down stuff we drank in college—is easier than ever to find.

The only problem is that a six-pack of the good stuff can set you back a pretty penny.

To save time at the liquor store and cash at the register, we asked four beer experts to weigh in on six-packs that taste expensive but won’t break the bank..

Most lagers are cheap beers made for easy guzzling, but Narragansett breaks the mold with a slightly bitter taste, providing a “crisp and light road to refreshment,” Bernstein says.