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17 Jan

The basic thrust of the book is that people in business engage in all kinds of nonsense talk about synergy and positive re-energizing and cross-group harmonicas and the like.Hardaway and Fugere are out on the road hawking their book, but they decided to take the opportunity to tell Microsoft what it needed to do to "get to the next level".Posted by Adam Ba at PM | Comments (0) | Track Back In the latest drop of Monad we changed the default Execution Policy from "Remote Signed" to "Restricted".The upshot of this is that people will likely receive messages that point them to "get-help about_signing" for more information.Posted by Adam Ba at PM | Comments (6) | Track Back It was 50 years ago today..Bill Gates was born.I would say he's had a pretty successful first half-century. Posted by Adam Ba at AM | Comments (1) | Track Back Today I went to a talk at Microsoft by Chelsea Hardaway and Brian Fugere, authors of Why Business People Speak Like Idiots.

This might be good theater but I actually think the executives DO write those things--the problem, if there is one, is that they either feel the need or have the natural inclination to write them in bland corporate language (someone else was kind enough to raise their hand and say it looked like people who wrote that way did pretty well for themselves at the company, so maybe we should all be learning to talk like that? But where he really made no sense was when someone asked about bloggers.

Just think, if you're reading this over RSS you'll miss all this.

And watch out for those ghosties and goblins driving home.

Our recruiting site--key for the future--looks bland and uninviting compared to some other companies. Costumes from the recent movie are easy to obtain, including the jacket and vest and even a hat with the hair included.

But for some reason nobody is selling the cane which he had in the movie.