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14 Jun

And they define success as stay at Fox News for five years and get promoted twice.

Now historically speaking, which is how you’re going to train this algorithm, we happen to know now that women were systematically prevented from succeeding at Fox News.

Computer scientists have found that the fastest way to teach machines to do higher-order tasks is often through mimicry. You figure out what they have in common.” Then, the next test: They present the computer with an image that isn’t in the database. Its use is expanding rapidly, and researchers, watchdogs, and the public are starting to pay more attention to the data being used to train these algorithms.

Instead of coding explicitly, they just give computers tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of faces to process. Because if your training data has a blind spot, your algorithm will, too.

In an interview with the Cathy O’Neil explained how this could happen.“I do a thought experiment often with people where I’m imagining that Fox News has a machine learning algorithm to find anchors.

If none of these data sets fulfill the needs of the project, researchers can create their own.

For something like Face App, Geitgey speculated, the researchers might have set up a “Hot or Not”-style website, in order to get data about attractiveness, and paid laborers to use it through a service like Amazon’s popular Mechanical Turk.

Face App’s Goncharov declined to say exactly where the data came from.

“We assembled our own data set for training, but not ready to share additional details about it at this point,” he told As machine learning research accelerates, scientists have started pooling their resources.