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11 Sep

They tended to be around 35 to 40 years old and were pessimistic because, in their village or in the place they worked, there were only divorced people, or they weren’t Christian or committed.

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I can’t tell you exactly, because people aren’t obliged to say.

He’s Catholic — he’s got these interests, convictions.” You can know he’s Catholic, or at least a committed Christian, so this is very common ground which already exists before you choose if the photo is nice or not.

Then you have a very good chance — 99% are really honest — because someone who goes to a Catholic site should be more or less honest, which is not so clear on the internet [overall] but on our site is very good. Is it possible to meet someone whom you later fall in love with at a soccer game or at a swimming pool or in the doctors’ waiting room? The internet is not in itself a bad thing, and young people spend at least 30% of their free time on the internet. It would be ridiculous to say it’s not more natural.

Journalists, even secular ones, were rather interested and sympathetic to this project.

They liked it in a certain way and said it was interesting: This is a site on which there are fewer liars, it’s less fake, because it would be very crazy to have a fake profile on a Catholic site or to look for a one-night stand instead of a real serious relationship.