Capital radio speed dating

09 Jan

You can then choose to get in touch with your match and plan for longer dates or not. This could be you writing about your speed dating experience but only if you went ahead and checked out Date Me Kenya for such interesting life experiences and for a chance to meet gorgeous people brought to you courtesy of your will to try something new. MAUREEN OJUNGA Maureen Ojunga is the newest Health enthusiast in town.

She is also a gadget freak and a lover of all things WINE!

After each date you would then have to judge your date on a score card based on their personality, appearance and Conversation skills and then most importantly mark YES or NO for if you would like to get to know your date a little more be it for a platonic friendship, romantic or business relationship. Because good times are made up of such random evenings.

It describes the effects the headlines have on you: whether you're an investor, a business owner, an employee, homeowner, consumer or just someone who wants to know how to save a buck.Twenty diverse people, ten of whom you are about to go on mini dates with. Some white, some black and some with complexions in-between.Some with hazel eyes or brown eyes, coy smiles or genuine smiles, teetotalers, drinkers, bubbly, nervous (speaking for myself) and some looking a little too serious, all ready to mingle and try this thing called Speed Dating over some delicious sushi and wine and possibly walk out of it with something more than a new friendship.Once in a while I also try to walk like them because that’s what normal people do.You should try it some time.” “Away from the wild, I would choose to be a fly.