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10 Nov

We have more women who are more educated than at any time in our history.They have degrees in law, administration and accounting—professions that really are well-prepared for managerial positions and board positions.Don’t just go to the same friends that many board members go to now within their social milieu.” “I don’t favour quotas.I don’t think we’re serving the public appropriately when we boil this thing down to quotas because I think there are other alternatives that could be explored.It will not do so as quickly or as abruptly as a quota approach would, but I do not support quotas.I support boards seeking out highly talented individuals with relevant experience and skills, and if you do a good search, I believe it’s possible to assemble a stronger board by including a concern for gender, along with the other qualifications.After that, getting on the board would be just a matter of time.” “I think ‘comply or explain’ is a good way for people to start instilling processes around board appointments.

I would say right now there is certainly a group of women that cares deeply about it, but I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily representative of the general population.” “I believe that the ‘comply or explain’ approach will, over time, lead to stronger representation of women on boards in Canada.That depends on what your company is trying to achieve.With ‘comply or explain,’ at least there’s something like, let’s call it, a public shame.There is no reason why we should not have these women. I hate that word because the way I see it positioned by the business sector: the word “quota” means people with no qualifications.That’s where I have some problems because it’s, oh, they will appoint their sister.