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06 Oct

Cyber Cam told Tori that she was looking particularly babelicious.Cyber Cam left with Shane, Tori, and Dustin and they headed for the skateboard park.Founded by Google, Nest create smart products that learn about your habits at home and automatically adjust to save you energy, alert you to smoke detected and alert you to intruders while you’re away. All their smart products link up and you can monitor them all through your cell phone. It’s 2017, so doesn’t it make sense that our home heating should keep up with other advancements in technology too?Well, let me introduce to you the Nest smart thermostat.Much to the disbelief of Hunter, Shane, Dustin, Tori, and Blake.

The Nest camera plugs into the socket and keeps an eye on your home while you’re away on vacation or at work.

Cyber Cam surprised them at how well he could skateboard and quickly started speaking the lingo. Cyber Cam hit the waves and did another outstanding job surfing.

After he got out of the water, Cyber Cam decided he wanted to try motocross.

Cyber Cam reluctantly left with them and they soon confronted Fragra.

Cyber Cam is soon distracted by a new car and goes to check it out.