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27 Nov

I am requesting the loan to repair the house and make it inhabitable.9.96%Pay down home equity loan To pay down my home equity loan.7.12%Debt Consolidation Consolidate monthly bills into one, lower payment9.96%aricsloanconsolidate credit cards and loan as one payment15.01%Paying down credit cards with high rate I would like this loan to pay some high rate cards off.16.28%Funeral and related expenses.

The death of my Mother has brought about unexpected expenses related not only to the funeral but also to the removal of her furniture and apartment belongings.

I attempted to find the original loan on Prosper but was unable to.

There are only three loans on Prosper from Massachusetts that match the 22.75% interest rate and none of the personal information and credit history seems to match. The borrower may have also entered false information.

It may be possible for some to work the spread but it is much harder than it looks.

Current loan requests on Lending Club are quite varied and include debt consolidation, tuition, investments, business funding, cosmetic surgical implants and much more.

thanks10.59%Auto loan The banks seem to only have used auto loans for car years 2001 and newer.

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This debt is in the form of judgements that was place on the property after construction.

The total amount is just under 000 which will leave a small amount to pay some medical bills.16.28%Christmas We just found out this week that my mom's cancer may be back and I want to make sure she has a wonderful Christmas.12.49%personal loan As soon as possible9.96%RJS Business Loan CPA requesting loan to assist in funding purchase of accounting firm to add to my current CPA firm.

Firm being purchased has annual revenue of approximately K and has been in business since 19%Consolidate Debt I have K on a CC that is charging me an extremely high interest rate and they are unwilling to reduce the rate when I asked about it.

Loan description: I am looking to refinance my Prosper loan, which is currently at 22.75%.

Amount borrowed: ,400Lending Club interest rate: 12.17%Wow - if the description is accurate then someone really reduced their interest rate by refinancing their Prosper loan through Lending Club.