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12 Aug

On his return to the United States, he goes to visit an old Army buddy, Frank Devereaux, but discovers that he and his wife are divorced, and Frank no longer lives there.

What they don't know is that Devereaux was playing in a crooked casino in Reno and accumulated a large debt.

See more » When Nick and Billy are about to board the bus to Reno, they both trip and fall into puddles of mud and water.

Their clothes get filthy, but the next shot of them on the bus, their clothes are clean.

After being forced to sell his family ranch to developers, a financially strapped but proud senior citizen and his estranged grandson find themselves targeted by drug dealers in search of a missing money bag.

In this 2003 remake of the classic 1952 French film, Fanfan la Tulipe is a swashbuckling lover who is tricked into joining the army of King Louis XV by Adeline La Franchise, who tells Fanfan that by doing so, he will eventually marry one of the king's daughters.

Pacino says some original and wildly funny monologues involving subject matter I cannot discuss in this message. " Which later became a Pacino trademark."Scent of a Woman" is a somewhat flawed, but effective and entertaining film. It's not everyday you can catch a performance this powerful!

Rutger Hauer plays a disgraced former star leading a rag tag group of "...The young police man Vincent is the best in his class, and denies to be recruited to the special forces.But when the corrupt Milo manages to get a grip on him, his life is turned into a living nightmare.See more » This movie gets a thumbs up from me, not because it is a GREAT FILM, but because, when you put it next to similar movies--Chuck Norris or steven Segal movies-- it is superior.the action sequences are tightly directed and exciting. but most important, Rutger Hauer is the main character.