Blackberry facebook app news feed not updating accommodating eric need special student

04 Nov

As I mentioned above, the Facebook app has been in need of an update for months now, and it seems rather than fixing it Black Berry decided to just go ahead and effectively kill it because of the lack of API access from Facebook. Thankfully, there's still options out there for third-party Facebook apps.

The Facebook app 'update' is live right now, so you can grab it or wait until March 31st when it will stop working altogether and then update.

The app is very reminiscent of the Viigo news reader; you can even import your Viigo news feeds into the new app.

Though the app works well and new feeds are simple to add, it lacks the visual appeal that newer OS6 applications have.

As more users and companies not only join Facebook, but increasingly post and like more content, the social network’s main hub becomes more and more overloaded.

These tips and tricks aren’t for them, they’re for you.

It's worth noting again; this is on Facebook, not Black Berry so if you're angry, direct your anger to Facebook.

Last week, Research in Motion released its News Feeds to the United States and Canada.

News Feeds will display up to two lines of the article title in the feed view.Adding feeds in News Feeds is made easy by a searchable list of news feeds.Just type in what you want to search for, and you'll get a long list of news feeds. Kudos to RIM for including Crack and other blog feeds right at the top of the list in the Black Berry category.In March of 2010, RIM acquired app maker Viigo; makers of the number one RSS reader apps.News Feeds seems to be the first direct fruits of that effort.