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05 Sep

A good first port of call is Parma's tourist office on Strada Melloni, where you can pick up a free map of the town - Parma is big enough for this to be useful - and a list of museum opening times.It is worth studying the latter; as is usual in Italy, many museums and churches are closed for several hours in the middle of the day, and also on Mondays, so you may want to plan your sightseeing accordingly.

Parma is a very good weekend break destination, with plenty to occupy tourists for two or three days, and some interesting excursions for a longer stay.or parmesan) and ham, and this area is renowned throughout Italy as one of the best places to eat.Parma is a surprisingly well-kept secret as far as tourism is concerned, perhaps because the comfortably-off town feels little need to advertise its charms.This is because it is a significant feature of the town and noticeable every way you turn, from smart liveried municipal rubbish bins to pricey designer clothes shops.The town's not flash, but it is comfortable, and there can't be many city centres as civilised as Parma on a Sunday, when well-dressed locals stroll or cycle around the medieval lanes, chatting with acquaintances and admiring each other's babies or dogs.