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06 Jun

Essentially, the software recorded viewing history without the TV owner's explicit consent.

The only way to defend yourself from this particular attack would be to either update the firmware or disconnect the smart TV from the internet entirely, which would essentially make it a dumb TV.Samsung can also track your viewing habits and send that data to advertisers for targeted marketing purposes.To prevent this tracking, go to Menu Viewing Data to Off.In 2013, LG's smart TVs were found to have collected and sent data whether or not the Collection of watching info was set to "on" or "off" – but since then, LG pushed a software update that does not collect data when the user has opted out by toggling the setting to "off." When opting out of privacy policies and other user agreements, you may also be disabling automatic software updates.You may need to occasionally check for your TV's firmware updates or security patches and update them manually.